6 Creative Ways to Design Your Laundry Room and Save Your Back

Laundry room design ideas come in all shapes and sizes—and heights. Simply stacking your washer and dryer, setting them atop matching pedestal drawers from the manufacturer, or laying a countertop on a side-by-side pair is just the beginning. There are practically endless ways to raise your appliances and make every load lighter on your back.

Clever interior designers (and homeowners) have solutions that go beyond the expected. Whether custom built or DIY, platform and cabinet designs can elevate your washer and dryer both in terms of how they look and how comfortable they are for you to use.

So we’ve rounded up our favorite creative laundry room cabinet ideas to inspire your own designs. Save these possibilities to your inspiration board. (No simple stackable washer and dryer sets here!) They’ll simplify the chore, lessen the burden on your back, and help keep your laundry room clear of clutter. Not to mention turn it into a space you just might enjoy hanging out in.

1. Give Appliances a Platform

A wooden platform is a simple, stylish way to make laundry more accessible. 

Design: 610 Home (@610home) and Steph Musur Designs (@stephmusur). Photo: Erin Allen Photography (@erinallen_photography)

A basic wooden platform raises this Samsung washer and dryer up enough to make loading and unloading easier on your back and knees. See how the doors open outward from the center? That makes it easier too.

Design-wise, the black appliances look sleek and clean with the neutral gray cabinets. The wall sconces above ensure this windowless room gets plenty of light, so you’ll never feel like you’re toiling away in a dark basement.

Check out our exclusive video review to find out why Samsung is one of our perennial top picks.

2. Put Drawers Underneath Them

Laundry room cabinet ideas with Electrolux washer and dryer
The countertop and drawers under this Electrolux pair add a smooth foundation and storage.

Photo: via @laundryroomgoals_

This Electrolux washer and dryer sit atop a set of custom built-in drawers—perfect for stowing detergent, wool dryer balls, mesh bags, and all your other laundry gear. We see a lot of pullouts like this, but we love how the same countertop surface continues on the ledge under the appliances here. It adds polish and helps create a level foundation.

And that mint green paint color? It keeps everything feeling fresh.

We should also mention that Electrolux is our best washer and dryer pick for fabric care, so your clothes and linens will stay looking fresh, too.

Want to learn more about Electrolux? Watch our exclusive video review of the latest Electrolux washers and dryers, including the new Optic Whites cycle.

3. Leverage a Ledge

Laundry room cabinet ideas with LG washer and dryer
The slim pullout shelf under these LG appliances is made to hold a basket. 

Design/Photo: Bradshaw Designs (@bradshaw_designs)

Thanks to these thin sliding surfaces, you can pull your laundry straight out of the LG washer and dryer into a basket—without having to bend down. The drawers underneath and cabinets above max out the storage space in this elegant green-gray space.

If you really need to save space, you might also want to consider the innovative LG WashTower. This single unit places the controls at the center, between the washer and dryer, for easy access. LG also recently released a version with a ventless heat pump dryer, so it can be installed anywhere in your home where there’s an electrical outlet.

LG WashTower laundry room ideas
The LG WashTower is a single appliance that puts your washer and dryer controls at a comfortable height—no need to stand on your tiptoes to set the dryer.

4. Set Them on Shelves

Laundry room cabinet ideas with Miele washer and dryer
A Miele washer and dryer fit neatly into this mudroom’s built-in closet.

Design/Photo: John Lewis of Hungerford (@johnlewisofhungerford)

Tucked into this charming English mudroom’s closet are the compact washer and dryer from Miele plus shelves for laundry supplies. The few inches of extra height created by the tall toe kick makes emptying the washer’s drum a little easier. William Morris wallpaper and sage cabinets complete the cozy vibe.

The latest Miele washer and dryer models give you a richer feature set at more accessible prices. The company’s ventless dryer technology also gives you flexible installation possibilities—mudrooms, closets, and more. Check out our buyers’ guide for all the details.

Our exclusive video review of the latest Miele washers and dryers explains new features like Miele’s automatic detergent dispenser and dryer fragrance pods.

5. Frame Them in Cabinetry

Laundry room cabinet ideas with Samsung washer and dryer
The Samsung washer and dryer, installed at a user-friendly height, blend right into this wall of white cabinets.

Design/Photo: Mona Arvik (@villaarvik)

A full wall of galley-style cabinets surrounds this Samsung front load washer and dryer so that they fit neatly into an easy-access niche. We love how the crisp white of the appliances and cabinets and all the black accents (the countertops, the floor tile) give the relatively narrow space a nice, cohesive look.

We find that people are often choosing between Samsung and LG laundry appliances. To find out how they stack up against each other, check out our LG vs Samsung washer and dryer guide.

6. Double Them Up

Laundry room cabinet ideas with Electrolux washer and dryer
Two pairs of Electrolux laundry installed next to each other make for the ultimate laundry center.

Design/Photo: Jen Sottosanti Design (@jsdesignandinteriors)

Double the laundry, double the height—double the efficiency. Putting two stacked sets of Electrolux machines next to each other in a built-in cabinet lets you take care of twice as many dirty clothes at once and saves your back.

Patterned cement tile and a cool blue-gray give this large room (yep, we think that’s a pet spa in the lower right corner) a happy, calm feeling.

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