8 Facts You want to know about our Shipping process – THE PRINTABLE CØNCEPT™

Want to know more about how shipping process? Here are ten facts that will hopefully she light on how we do it, and answer most if your questions! 🙂


1- We print just for you!

At The Printable Concept, we are committed to sustainable environmental practices and owning our ecological footprint. We have no big warehouses and no old stock. To avoid waste, we print your art prints and posters as soon as we receive you order.


2- Processing time

We aim to ship all orders within 3-5 business days. Occasionally, with an influx of orders (for example around the holidays), processing can take 5-7 business days. 


3- We ship Worldwide

That’s right! We ship everywhere in the world where it is possible to receive mail 🙂


4- Free Shipping

We offer FREE Worldwide shipping, with no minimum order 🙂 So You only pay for the actual art prints or other goodies we offer. We got you covered for the shipping!


5- Kraft Boxes

We ship you prints in sturdy Kraft Boxes that will keep your prints safe until they get to you!


6- Plastic-Free Packaging

We recently switched from our old kraft mailing tubes with plastic caps to a plastic-free box. This small switch makes a big difference I plastic consumption at the end of the year, and we’re proud of it!


7- Soft tissue paper

Your art prints are carefully rolled and wrapped in soft tissue paper, to make sure they arrive to you in pristine condition!


8- Flawless Guaranteed

We guaranty your prints or any other TPC goods arrive to you flawless. if you notice ANY kind of flaw, caused by shipping or any details we may have missed during Quality Control, please send us a picture, and we will send you a replacement immediately!


 If you would like more details about our process, please visit our shipping and return policy page.


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