Cozy Cottage Pottery Barn Finds – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

I stopped at Pottery Barn this week & I felt so inspired by all of the new things. I hadn’t been in a physical home decor store in a while besides my own & it felt so good to look at all the things so I thought I would share some cozy cottage pottery barn finds with you today that are good for summer, everyday, & fall decor but since it’s July you may want to scroll by all of that… or not. There was a lot of cozy textures from pillows to light fixtures to trays to candle holders to everything in between that can instantly add some seasonal coziness. Here are some cozy cottage farmhouse finds for you that I loved…


Some shots from inside the store of the items above & more…

Tezza 2129 scaled

Tezza 2820 scaled

Tezza 1432 scaled

Tezza 1107 scaled

Tezza 0727 scaled

Tezza 1893 scaled

Tezza 5938 scaled

Tezza 9874 scaled

Tezza 9451 scaled

Tezza 7755 scaled

Tezza 9190 scaled

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