Fun & Festive Christmas Decor from Anthropologie

Finding the perfect eclectic cottage-core decor to bring a whimsical feel to the holidays is always a fun element to add to your decor While perusing Anthropologie’s selection of festive finds, I came across pieces that embraced both retro charm and delightfully strange details that pulled me straight into a winter wonderland.  I love all forms of decor and during the holidays, it’s fun to find different ways to display different themed items in a singular space. Retro & Whimsical is something I’ve been wanting to showcase lately, and today I wanted to share some of my favorites from Anthropologie. Whether you’re looking to Curate a cozy corner that feels transported from a storybook or fill your home with mismatched pieces that celebrate the quirks of vintage charm, Anthropologie’s eclectic offerings will make merry additions to any celebration this season.

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