No Worry Anymore About Power Outages: Crownline’s Rechargeable Fans Run on Battery

Power outages can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, leaving your home feeling stuffy and hot. It’s frustrating to sit in a room with no respite from the heat, but thanks to Crownline’s latest innovation, you no longer have to suffer through this discomfort.

Crownline, a UAE brand synonymous with quality and innovation, has once again revolutionised the industry with the launch of our latest model, the Crownline rechargeable fan RF-241.

This 18″ fan features bright indicators, so you can quickly see when it’s running on its battery or when it’s charging. The included remote also allows for easy control, so you don’t have to leave your comfortable position to adjust the fan if it’s out of reach. The fan also features a bright LED light and a USB port for charging your mobile or any other USB-powered device. Plus, with 9-speed controls, you can customise the fan’s speed according to your preferences.

Technical data for this impressive fan include a 24-hour duration on its lowest setting and a 3-hour duration on its highest. The Crownline rechargeable fan RF-241 also offers a timer setting of 1-5 hours, making it perfect for use as a sleep aid or to keep the air circulating while you’re away from home.

In terms of weight, the Crownline rechargeable fan RF-241 has a net weight of 6.2 kg and a gross weight of 6.5 kg. Its box dimensions measure 52 x 16 x 66 cm. With its impressive features and technical specifications, the Crownline RF-241 is a great investment for anyone looking to stay comfortable during hot weather or power outages.

This impressive fan is available for purchase from a variety of sources, making it easy to find and buy. Amazon,, and are all reputable retailers that offer this fan online, so you can easily purchase it from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to see the product in person before buying, the nearest National Store carries Crownline products too.

With various options for purchasing, you can find the best fit for your needs and budget. Plus, with Crownline’s reputation for creating high-quality appliances, you can trust that you’re investing in a product that will provide long-lasting comfort and durability. Don’t wait – purchase your Crownline rechargeable fan RF-241 today!

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