Power Outages? No Worries! Crownline’s Rechargeable Fan Technology for Uninterrupted Cooling

When the temperature rises, staying cool is essential for comfort and productivity. Most people turn to air conditioning for relief, but what happens during a power outage? There’s no need to sweat it out. Crownline has you covered with their rechargeable fan technology.

Why choose Crownline for your cooling needs?

Crownline is a household name in the UAE, offering a wide range of innovative home appliances, including rechargeable fans. The RF-241 model, an 18-inch rechargeable fan, is user-friendly and equipped with easy-to-read indicators for both charging and battery status. Plus, it comes with a handy remote control so you can adjust settings without even getting up.

Features for reliable, on-the-go cooling

With a Crownline RF-241 rechargeable fan, you can count on dependable cooling even during power outages or while you’re off the grid. Notable features of this rechargeable fan include

  • 9 Speed Settings
  • Run time ranges from 3 hours on the highest setting to 24 hours on the lowest
  • A 12-14 hour recharging cycle
  • 32W power consumption
  • Compatibility with either an 18V/500mA charger or an 18V/20W solar panel
  • A built-in timer that can be set for one to five hours

More than just a fan

Crownline’s RF-241 doesn’t just keep you cool—it also has added conveniences like a bright LED light. This can be especially helpful during nighttime power outages or adverse weather conditions. Plus, the rechargeable fan comes with a USB port, allowing you to charge your mobile phone or other USB-powered devices. Powered by a 12V 4500mAh lead-acid battery, this fan is designed to keep you cool, illuminated, and connected for extended periods.

How to get your Crownline rechargeable fan

Ready for reliable cooling that won’t let you down when you need it most? You can purchase Crownline’s rechargeable fan from a National Store near you or order online from Amazon or Noon.com. For those interested in wholesale pricing, you can inquire via email at info@crownline.ae.

With a Crownline rechargeable fan, you can rest assured that you’ll remain comfortable and cool, even during unexpected power outages!

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