Stay Cool in the UAE Heat

At Crownline, we understand the need for a cooling solution that can withstand the intense UAE heat. That’s why we’ve developed a range of high-quality air coolers in the UAE, designed to keep you comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. Our thoughtfully-engineered products—particularly the Crownline AC-250 and Crownline Evaporative Air Cooler AC-287—offer innovative features to meet your distinct cooling needs. Let’s take a closer look at each air cooler:

Crownline AC-250

The Crownline AC-250 is your perfect weapon against the relentless UAE summers. This bladeless air cooler in the UAE is not only safe for households with children and pets but also provides a soothing, high-velocity airflow for personal cooling.

What sets it apart is its eco-friendly design, completely free of a compressor and chemical refrigerants, making it a responsible and health-conscious choice for the environment. Plus, the convenience of a removable 4.5L water tank ensures easy refills and cleaning. With four airspeeds, three distinct modes, an additional swing feature, a 12-hour timer, and a remote control, this air cooler in the UAE gives you complete control over your cooling preferences.

Crownline Evaporative Air Cooler AC-287

The Crownline AC-287 is a multifunctional air cooler in the UAE that distributes cool air through its honeycomb cooling media while simultaneously cleansing the air with its dust filter. Its non-compressor system cools naturally and economically, which makes it a perfect fit for cost-conscious households. Lightweight and portable, the AC-287 can easily be moved from room to room which also makes it ideal for both home and office use. With the convenience of remote control, you can easily adjust settings to suit your comfort needs.

At Crownline, we are committed to providing the finest cooling solutions that are efficient, eco-friendly, and tailored to your specific needs. We strive to ensure your comfort and well-being, delivering products that stand up to the extreme UAE climate.

Ready to buy an air cooler in the UAE? You can find our products online on both and And if you prefer a hands-on experience, you can visit the nearest National Store to view and purchase them in person.

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