The 2 Best Personal Blenders of 2023

Of the blenders we tested, the NutriBullet Pro did the best job of blending thick, spoonable smoothies. Our banana, berry, ginger, and spinach smoothie came out lump-free and with barely any fibers. We did have to stop and shake the blending jar to incorporate some wayward spinach leaves, but this was true of all the blenders. In our original tests, the NutriBullet blended dates well, leaving only a few small, pleasantly chewy pearls in the bottom of the cup, and they didn’t clog the straw. In our 2022 tests, the NutriBullet Pro was still one of the best at blending date shakes. It also made some of the best pesto in our tests: The pesto had a consistent, gravelly grind that wasn’t too pasty. All of our picks were able to blend ice, and the NutriBullet Pro was just as good as our upgrade pick at crushing ice, oat milk, and frozen bananas. (However, if you frequently blend ice, the more powerful NutriBullet Pro 1000, which the company recommends for blending ice, may hold up better over time because it has a stronger motor.) In our original tests, Matt Shook of JuiceLand was impressed with the force and smooth results of the NutriBullet.

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