Weekend Antique Haul: Cozy Cottage Painted Coffee Table

Over the weekend I went to pick up this thrift store coffee table I found the week prior at a consignment shop, but didn’t have the room in my car for that day. We hopped in the car to go grab it & made a fun day of it & shared all that on my Instagram if you want to see it in my ‘Antiques’ highlight on my Instagram [HERE].

I am always keeping my eye out for unique coffee tables & while walking the consignment shop I found this one in the clearance room for 70% off…

Isn’t she lovely? She’s unique & she’s fun! I have been hinting at the direction we are heading with our decor as we embark on these large renovations & we are truly adding the ‘cottage’ into the way I describe my style: Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Style. Think patterns, hand painted items, quirky statements & oddities, & the list goes on. This falls under quirky & handpainted. I love the blues & I knew it would work well up here in our front living room especially after we start on the renovations, but even now she looks pretty in here. I also just loved the shape in general [& the price] so I knew if I ever wanted to paint it, make modifications, or strip it that it was still worth grabbing it. One option to customize it more to us is to keep all the painting, but maybe paint over the seashells that are on the sides. I’ll keep you posted on this.

I believe this piece is from the 1950’s from LaBarge ‘alexandrine collection’ from some google searches, but don’t quote me on that because I couldn’t find much. But it is neat to learn a little bit more about these pieces that we pickup. All I know is that the brand is more ‘high end’ & this coffee table is HEAVY so I think it’s a good find!

Here is a look at it in the front living room for now. I’m excited to style it & see what we do with it as our spaces change & conform into their full potential. What have you found lately? Anything cool? Find me on Instagram & let’s chat about it! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to & you can see more of what we are doing lately [HERE]. xx

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