What’s in Your First Aid Kit?

Being married to a Marine Corps Veteran comes with a lot of perks… I mean, Jose literally jumps at any opportunity to fold the laundry, make the bed, iron anything/everything, you should see his folded fitted sheet, its remarkable. He tells Copey enjoy his time now, because in a few years he’s going to teach him what a field day is (yikes). All of that also comes with the (sometimes) excessive preparation and safety. We really amped up our safety once we welcomed a baby into the home, and even more so when we added a pool. But as we continue to expand our home and our farm, we try to make sure we have first aid kits only a few steps away from our common areas. We have a first aid kit in our home, in the greenhouse, garage, office, and a people and livestock first aid kit in the barn. Well as we finish up our pool house we realized we haven’t really dedicated a first aid kit to the pool area, I mean the house first aid kit is just a few steps away, but id say that one gets rummaged through more than the others so its great to have one that is typically untouched. Being quite active we have learned what our essentials are, our fast movers. We feel like we have all the other one off items at the ready as well, but we asked on social media what’s in your first aid kit? There are many more seasoned parents, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, police officers out there, and we just wondered if anyone had unusual must-have.

Shockingly we built our first pet first aid kit for Winnie and Bear and our barn cats. We have a few things in the dog drawer, but realized we should have a first aid kit ready for them in the event they have an accident. To build our two new first aid kits, we ran to Walmart to gather all of our essentials. Jose really likes using ammo cans for the first aid kits, their rugged and typically weather proof. He loves that you can grab one and throw it in the tractor or back of the golf cart… it’ll get banged around and still work perfectly. Here is are a few items we load our first aid kits with…

In typically Liz Marie fashion we couldn’t just stop at having an ammo can filled with our first aid kit essentials… not in the pool area haha. We added a little vintage flair with the outside of the ammo can, and turned it into the perfect gloomy day DIY. You can see how we placed them and the project over onhttp://www.instagram.com/lizmariegalvan (link), but it was a fun little craft that we tried telling a story with. We hope this post helps you gather some essential for you and your family if you don’t already have a dedicated first aid kit, and for those more seasoned than us, are we missing anything or are there products you may like better? Let us know on our socials at Instagram & Facebook. Thank you again for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us.

xxLiz Marie

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